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The LawTech Fund by AVA Venture Studio

Is an investment fund created in 2018 with the purpose of becoming a LawTech oriented organization focused on developing simpler and more efficient legal solutions for the public in general, companies and organizations.

What is LawTech? term describing blue ocean technologies, which provides both, Software as a Service (SaaS) functionality, such as accessible, faster, and easier disruptive execution and also avoiding direct lawyer's involvement as a self-service.

Covid-19 accelerated the disruption of the legal industry, as law firms and corporations were forced to close offices or migrate functions to the home office, in addition, new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud services, internet of the things (IoT), Avatars and metaverse erupted during the past 3 years.

The future of legal services is digital and LawTech is key to securing a solid future, for business, the legal sector, and the world. The opportunity for digital transformation is here now. We have identified priorities to shape and accelerate this transformation through LawTech over the next five years.


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