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The first private LawTech investment fund that promotes disruptive technology.

"Legal access for all in the Low Touch Economy".

The legal sector has been one of the slowest to evolve, first because there is no platform or external pressure strong enough to make a change impacting in a delay in the adoption of technology. Second because it has now reached an inflection point. The capacity and imperative for the digital transformation of the legal sector are here now.

The technology we need to go to the next level is ready and available for all who want to reach for it. Although technology is constantly evolving, it is not hard to find or hard to use. New capabilities become new standards and responsibilities.

Technology in law has advanced beyond being a back office efficiency tool. It is an enabler of fundamental change in the frontline delivery of legal services, and a mechanism for doing things differently, setting new standards, and importantly, putting user outcomes front and center.

Our vision for user outcomes through lawtech:

  1. Everyday business and consumer activities around law are as easy as using a smartphone app.

  2. More complex matters can be resolved in a matter of days or weeks with the right technology.

  3. Legal services are less expensive and more reliable.

  4. Documents and other processes become more efficient, speeding up activity and saving money.

  5. The use of technology in the legal sector pursues efficiency and transparency.

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